Are you in need of an electrician?

Best tips to hiring an electrician

It is important that you do your research before choosing any electrician. You will want a team that are experienced, friendly and professional. Continue reading to find out Your Warm Home’s ultimate guide to finding an electrician.

Must be extensively trained

Ask around about their qualifications, training and experience. All trading electricians must be qualified and had thorough training, but just to be on the safe side, we recommend asking about their qualifications.

Ask them for their registered number and check this against legal systems. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

Do they have insurance?

The best electricians will have some form on insurance, most typically a public liability policy. This is to cover any unforeseen incidents whilst performing on the job.

Choosing an electrician without insurance is a huge risk as you could be held liable for any accidents or mishaps. Find out more information.

All work must also comply with legal standards and health and safety regulations.

The lowest price isn’t always best

It can be very easy to jump at whoever offers you the cheapest price. Lower prices often mean the job won’t be performed as well.

It is worth choosing an electrician based on skills, experiences and references rather than price. You will most likely receive a better service. Click here to see various services.

Are you looking for an electrician in Brisbane?

Speedy Electrical offers extensive services across the Brisbane areaSpeedy Electrical is a sound example of a team that are qualified, skilled and experienced. Over 20 years of experience mean this team can work on various job sites including residential and commercial locations. License number: 37563.

See their website here.

For restoration, repair or replacement of your electrical system, get in touch with Speedy Electrical on (07) 3882 6996.