Eco-friendly cleaning tips that really work

Sanitising your house is no longer only providing healthy environment. Newest trends in innovative cleaning and household maintenance are now revolutionary!

Environmentally safe cleaning at home takes ordinary home disinfection and neatness to a new level.

Reaching the perfect home convenience and achieving brilliant hygiene collaborates with the preservation of natural resources and protecting the universal home area – our planet! It is true that using some acid and toxic cleaning detergents is easier and faster method for success in the war against the dirtiness, but the other war will be lost – the ordinary war for keeping the Earth safe, secured, and healthy for your kids and yourself!

Let us try to convince you now that green cleaning at home is not less efficient or operative. Find out about the Eco-friendly cleaning tips that really work:

  • Focus on home areas, where the bacteria is at most and where the entire dirtiness is spreading – under your sink, around the toilet seat, next to the front door, the hard-to-reach corners, and etc. Reduce the dust and grime here with ordinary disinfectants from your kitchen equipment – ammonia, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, mild dish washer.
  • Place green plant in each room at home – cigarette, unpleasant stagnancy, mould, must and other bad odours will be reduced.
  • Throw away the toxic cleansers and replace them with biodegradable substitutes. Unknown trademarks and frequently advertised cleaning products are dangerous, harmful, and needless. You can attain the same cleaning results by the old-fashioned methods.
  • Conserve the water – don’t spoil too many natural resources on Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning. As a matter of fact, some seats and rugs wear out because of the humidity!
  • Save some electricity and money by cleaning by hand – hard-to-reach places are usually skipped during vacuuming. On the other hand, man is stronger and wiser than a machine, so your own hands and mind will be better in dust removal or stain removal! Add to this the cleaning fact that some specific materials and textiles (leather or stone) are recommended to be cleaned by hand!
  • When clearing out your waste including old furniture, remember to hire an expert team that can lift, loading and recycle all waste instead of sending it to the rubbish tip. Click here for house clearances.

Anytime you clean a particular part of your home, think if you soil or damage the nature! You can’t clean something by making dirty something else – it’s just illogical and irregular.