Energy-saving secrets for your home

Energy-saving secrets for your home

1. Low Energy Light Bulbs – Save Energy, choose LED lights in your home

LED lights cost a little more but are better for the environment. With single bulbs last 10 times longer than conventional bulbs there is also a saving on not having to manufacture so many bulbs.

Currently, 14% of homes benefit from LED lights in their home and the figures are rising. Going green does not have to hurt the wallet; after three months, LED bulbs will actually start saving you money off your electricity bill.

For applications other than spotlights, LEDs are still catching up, but faster than you might have realised. For the type of all-round ambient light found in table lamps and the like, the best LED bulb at present is undoubtedly the Philips CorePro LED Spot 4W (35W) 3000K Neutral White, 25000 Hrs.

Energy-saving lightbulbs have always been a bright idea – for your pocket and the environment. They use up to 80% less electricity than a standard bulb, but produce the same amount of light.

2. All about the heater

One of the best ways to save on your energy is by upgrading your boiler.

Over time, sediments can build up in your water heater, which has been known to damage boilers and reduce their efficiency.

Sediment can be a tricky thing to remove for homeowners by themselves – and with any plumbing project, it’s advisable to bring in a professional.

However, as older boilers tend to be more inefficient because of wear and tear, it might be time to upgrade your central heating system and opt for some new and improved heating technology.

Before purchasing your new boiler, we advise taking the time to do your research and finding credible plumbers in your area who will be able to carry out the installation smoothly and safely.

3. Radiator boosters

Most UK energy providers say that reducing your thermostat by just one degree could save up to 10% on your heating bills which could work out as £49 a year.

There was a reduction of more than 2 degree Celsius when tests were made on the Radiator Booster, double that of most energy providers! You don’t need to worry about more electricity being used because it only uses 1 kWh of electricity per 500 hours which comes to a cost of about 50p a year! Read more here.

So how do they work?

The Radiator’s resourceful fan takes heat from your radiator, meaning you can shut down your boiler much quicker and heat the room much more rapidly.

The Radiator booster draws all the unused heat and radiates it into the room, saving all the lost heat that is usually conducted through the wall.

The Radiator Booster can:

  • Be used with radiator covers saving up to three times more energy!
  • Be connected to an event timer to avoid the need of turning it on and off
  • Be used on any length of radiator
  • Save your energy and money and drastically reduce the losses in your energy.
  • The Radiator Booster’s savings depends on how you use the device and the time period it is used for.

The radiator booster is so simple; it would be crazy to miss out on saving you money! It costs virtually nothing to run and is easy to assemble.

There are so many ways to be more environmentally friendly in your home. This will not only help reduce your carbon footprint but will save you money in the long-term. Discover more.