Carpet Cleaning Services

Maintain Your Home with Carpet Cleaning

Get professional carpet cleaning delivered by an industry leader in your local area. Spilled some coffee or having some other nasty stains? With us, you will be sure you will receive only the best in professional carpet cleaning.

We are a well-known company that specialises in professional carpet cleaning services. With many satisfied clients, we cannot let our minds be set on only simply getting the job done. We have in fact set our eyes on perfection in residential and commercial cleaning.

That is why we are approaching our clients with professionalism and focus on getting the job perfectly done.

Provided Services and Methods

Being Prochem certified, we ensure that the materials we use are only of the highest quality. We provide treatment to all kind of carpets and rugs, including synthetic, woollen, linen, silk and much more. Read more.

Armed with the best equipment possible our seasoned workers remove all kind of stains. From coffee and wine to paint, rust stains and even moth damage. There is a wide variety of stains which we remove.

The methods by which we do it include:

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Our professional probes the carpet or rug to determine the exact type of material from which it is made. By hovering, he removes all solids and agitates the fibre. He continues with the pre-treatment of the stains, the high traffic areas, and dirt patches with the use of proper detergents.

Treated spots are simultaneously vacuumed. By extracting the moisture we make sure that all the dirt with it is removed as well. Usually, carpets need around 3 hours to dry out. It is possible to shorten that time by opening a window or if ordered, an Air moving system can be brought. Benefits here.

This kind of Carpet cleaning is best for Wool and Synthetic materials.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The technician begins with pre-treating all stains, high traffic areas and dirt with the proper detergents. He then secures access to all the areas of the carpet by moving the furniture which is in the way. Looking for a carpet cleaner in Perth? We highly recommend Perth Home Cleaners. They are a specialist professional carpet cleaning agency based in the West coast. Find out more.

Of course, since he is alone, beds and heavy wardrobes are out of the question. The cleaning machine is injecting in and extracting hot steam from the carpet. Two bedroom carpets need 30 to 40 minutes to be steam cleaned. The required drying time for this service is around 3 hours.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

This method is best for when the carpet materials are too delicate or not water resistant (shrinking). For the purpose, the technician applies powder and spray-like products.

This kind of cleaning is mostly used for refreshing purposes and does not remove stains. This makes it best suitable for sisal and seagrass carpets and also those that have delicate or shrinking fabrics. See the difference of other methods.

After hoovering the carpet, the cleaning technician tests the fabrics. Determining thus the exact materials from which the carpet is made. That being done, he again pre-treats all stains, high traffic areas and dirt patches with the proper detergents.

Then he will evenly distribute special absorbing powder on the surface of the carpet. The cleaner uses a special machine with lots of tiny brushes to scrub all the powder into the carpet. That way all the grime, dust, and dirt will be attracted to it and later vacuumed off.