What is the best way to clean your carpet?

The two most popular ways of cleaning carpet is drying cleaning and steam cleaning.

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First I would like to tell you about dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning is not really dry per say. A high PH chemical is applied to the carpet with a pump sprayer then the cleaning process is executed with the use of a very heavy floor buffer that you would normally see cleaning or waxing hard surface flooring.

There is no extraction (vacuum) in the cleaning process. So… where does the dirt go?

Some of the dirt is absorbed by the cotton bonnet on the buffer, then distributed to the rest of your carpet giving you the illusion that the stains are gone when in fact they have been moved from a concentrated area to the rest of your carpet.

The dry cleaning method may be ok for new and unstained carpet, but if your carpet is actually stained and soiled this method is only going to clean out your wallet.

Everything you need to know about steam cleaning

Steam cleaning carpet is not actually steam. Actual steam would most likely delaminate the carpet so the phrase steam cleaning actually came from the appearance of steam as the carpet cleaning wand passes over the floor.

With most truck mounted carpet cleaning machines, the water is heated to around 200 degrees. As you know hotter water breaks down oils and soils faster and more effectively.

The most important part of the steam cleaning process is the extraction. These new truck mounts are equipped with extremely powerful vacuum blowers that pull out the dirt and send it to the truck where it is stored there for leaving your home. You know where the dirt goes. It leaves with the carpet guy.

Steam cleaning is the preferred and recommended method of cleaning carpet for almost all carpet manufactures to not void warranties.

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