Environmentally-Friendly Homes Improve Home Value

Buyers in the UK are Prepared to Pay More

In the UK, homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental footprint their home leaves. Environmental solutions have not only helped reduce the cost of various energy bills, but it has also helped improve the value of a home.

“Younger people and first-time homeowners are prepared to pay more for eco features. 82% of homebuyers are enticed to a property depending on the eco-friendly features it has.”

Your Warm Home covers the three most popular eco-friendly solutions that UK homeowners are investing in.

If you’re tempted to build new homes, we strongly recommend that you incorporate eco-friendly designs and features. Securing finance can help kick-start your property development dream.

Heating System

Heating comes in very handy during cool, harsh temperatures. Therefore, making sure you are prepared for these difficult times will save you a lot of money and stress.

It will allow you and your family to enjoy and spend time with each other without having any worries. All Star System have highly experienced and qualified heating engineers and understand how important it is for you to have a functioning heating system in your home.

Here are some services related to heating systems which they offer:

  • Radiator & Towel Rail Installation
  • Heating System Upgrade
  • Heating System Controls
  • Underfloor heating

Solar Panels

By using the natural and reliable rays of the sun, solar panels are created to harness that energy and help store and power up the home. Solar panels do an incredible job for cutting electricity bills for your home.

They’re also remarkably cost-effective to maintain and run. Reliable manufacturers tend to offer a twenty-year warranty too. Sustained popular demand ensures that solar panels are constantly developed and improved to become more efficient than ever.


Smart Meters

Another way to cut electricity costs is installing a smart meter. Smart meters are electronic devices that are utilised by homeowners to track, record and manage the electric usage of the home.

Smart meters provide a quick and accurate measurement and reading of how electricity is being used in your home. It can help you use appliances more efficiently and keeps a track of what is consuming electricity throughout the day.


Loft Insulation

In the winter periods, homes require more energy to stay warm. However, with rising energy prices, homeowners are focused on efficiently using heat without spending a fortune. Loft insulation is a common way to ensure that heat doesn’t escape through your roof.

Our guide here covers the various insulation methods you can pursue to ensure your home remains energy efficient during the winter period.

Ensure your newly built homes are cleaned properly for the foreseeable future. More carpet cleaners are using eco-friendly products for the services such as bond cleaning, curtain cleaning and most importantly, carpet cleaning too.