How to Become a Pro at Cleaning: From Home Cleaning Experts

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Expert house cleaners can be fantastic! Sometimes, they come to your place to perform ordinary house cleaning services to prevent your house from a huge mess. Other times, they are able to give you helpful tips to keep your housekeeping easy and quick.

We have succeeded to reach few experts in the domestic cleaning industry, who were nice and kind enough to provide us with a detailed list of housekeeping mistakes you should stop doing now!

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Read their tips below

  • Do not spray the cleaner you use directly on the surface! Ok, this approach is fine only when it comes to a really large stain. However, if you only clean it, use the sponge to apply the detergent. Best surface cleaners.


  • Do not remove dust with a polisher. Most people purchase polish to make wooden furniture shiny and clean. Though, if you apply it directly on the dust, it won’t work properly. Firstly, brush the dust away and then polish – regardless of what the material is! Polish like a pro.


  • Do not mix cleaning products without knowing how and without knowing what each of them contains. You might not only ruin your furniture, but even harm yourself. For example, professional cleaners believe that bleach and ammonia are the best helpers for domestic cleaning at home – but only separately! Together, they become a gas that can cause harm to you.


  • Don’t clean the bathroom with abrasive detergents. These products ruin your tiles and shower screens! Always, use more delicate cleaning products for natural stone items. Tile cleaners here.


  • Don’t vacuum the carpet, the floor or the upholstery perpendicular to the baseboard. Thus, you will either tear the fibres, or you will put the dirtier underneath them. Also, don’t try to remove large stains yourself as this can make it worse. Hire a professional carpet cleaner as they have the correct equipment to remove stains without damaging the carpet. Read More.