Save Energy Your Home

What Can You Do To Cut Energy Bills?

Energy companies continue to increase prices, forcing homeowners to find ways to make their homes more energy efficient. In 2018, UK homeowners may be potentially paying around £100 more for the same energy usage six months ago.

“Customers are furious with energy companies such as British Gas with their continuous price hikes. By changing provider and investing in energy-saving solutions, you could potentially save yourself hundreds of pounds each year.”

During winter periods, electricity and heat can cost a fortune. Here a few ways for how you could save your hard-earned money.

Save Electricity on Lightning

UK homeowners may be wasting electricity on providing light to their home, especially during the day. If you find your home struggles to get any natural light, there may be ways to fix that.

A popular choice for homeowners, especially for ground floor extensions, is installing a large roof lantern.

Depending on the design of Roof Lantern you choose, you can opt for a sleek, modern design whilst allowing maximum, natural light into your home.

Insulate Your Walls to Save Heat

Thermal wall insulation is greatly beneficial to your home, all year round. By investing in insulated walls, it doesn’t just benefit you in the winter periods.

Insulation improves the heat management of your home. So during hotter days, it slows down the heat entering your home whilst in the winter, it reduces the heat loss from your home.


There are other ways of saving energy in your home. You can read more about loft insulation right here. Not only will your home be more efficient and save you money with bills, it greatly benefits the environment too. A win-win for everybody!