Top Business Security Measures

Business Security

As part of our commercial renovations feature, we have written an article regarding how to have proper safety measures for your business.

If you aren’t confident in your security plan, check out our list of the top three business security measures for your building. Put these into practice and let us know how they have helped by getting in touch.

Off-Site Sensitive Data Storage

As your business expands, thieves are likely to want to take your sensitive information, especially large business deals that cost a lot of money. Without proper off-site data storage, thieves can steal financial records, employee information and even business meeting notes on important deals. More information.

When sending sensitive information, ensure that you use SSL or a similar encryption layer. Using these recommendations means you should have a secure procedure in place to make sure that only the right employees have access to certain data.

Complete Entry Phone Solutions

Internal communication systems can help to make your business more secure as this permits you only allow access to those who require it and who are authorised.

ACCL has over 25 years experience in the telecoms industry. They fully understand the importance of having a suitable entry phone system for your home or company, which is why their services are fully guaranteed, as well as offering a complete installation and maintenance package.

Active Communication Company Ltd offers a completely customised solution to any home or workplace in Kent or London. For more information on their dedicated services, please email

Employee Education & Training

Whilst having the correct equipment is great, it is important that all of your staff are trained in business security measures. Having standard protocol for the opening and closing of your building, as well as handling equipment, money and inventory and a point-of-contact for suspicious behaviour. Training advice.

Training your employees will help to keep your assets and staff safe and secure.